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A**Hole Moms

May 2, 2020

Q and I discuss topics like being a woman, listening to your body, your heart, and working towards your goals - even when they sometimes change

Mar 30, 2020

Join us while we chat with RJ & Liz, the creators and moderators of The Karen free Aldi Nerds, a Facebook group full of snark, comedy and sarcasm.  Just what we need while locked in!  

Jan 29, 2020

No serious conversations about things we need to change this week! Starting 2020 off with something a little different...just bullshitting and telling our storied of how we know each other and how we met our others.

Thanks for listening!

Oct 18, 2019

Why Mom Shaming is shitty. Just don't do it.

Oct 2, 2019

Kris and Trai start the new format discussing what in the heck Me Time is, what it AIN'T (at least for us, no judgement for you flower-petal-bath types, lol), and how to do it when everyone has lost their sockdamned minds.